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Going Nomadic

Going Nomadic is an anti-tourism, music heavy, multi-media filled travel blog.

TURN ONS: good food, better wine, cooking, dancing, music, festivals, deadly/poisonous animals, activities involving possible maiming or harm (makes great bloggy fodder), picnics

TURN OFFS: super tourist areas crammed with guidebook touting tourists, skinny jeans

Someone who has something exciting to offer and unique places to explore. Someone who has music and colorful cultural festivals, or an un/less explored area. Someone who wants to show a great new place, local spots where tourists don’t usually venture, or some kind of exciting new adventurous thing.

Start off with a morning paragliding/skydiving/venomous snake wrangling adventure of sorts. Next, a culinary lesson and lunch from an upcoming chef, then off to a local winery for a tasting.
After that, a local’s walking guide around around the city, maybe stopping off at a couple amazing street vendors, or hidden-gem bakeries for snacks. Then an evening picnic on a beach, park, or rooftop. Now, some relax time at a unique hostel or boutique hotel is in order.
After a quick nap and some down time, head out for a midnight stroll around the city, stopping to get a dance lesson or check out some great local music venues. Finally, we’ll stop at the best local’s after party food vendor before we head back to rest for the night.

TALENTS: photography, video, making an adventure out of a run to the corner grocer, being able to talk to strangers and make friends wherever we go.

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