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Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel

After years of working 70 hour weeks at jobs that paid the bills but brought no joy, a serious illness forced me to reassess my life. Though I had all the material comforts – big home, new car, jewelry, successful career – I realized that I felt like the proverbial “hole in the donut” – solid on the outside, but empty on the inside. I vowed that if I recovered, I would walk away from everything to pursue my true passions: travel, writing and photography. A year later, in early 2007, I threw a backpack over my shoulder, started my blog and headed out to see the world, determined to recreate myself as a travel writer and photographer.
In late 2009, realizing that I was on the road more often than not, I gave up my apartment, sold or gave away my remaining furniture and embarked on a life of perpetual travel. These days, I travel about ten months each year, returning to the States occasionally to visit friends and family. I wander without reservations and concrete plans, typically staying at least a month in each country I visit, in order to meet locals and immerse in their culture.

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