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Travel Reportage website for independent, budget travelers with a special focus on photography, hotel reviews and solo travel.

Thanks to her extensive background in the hospitality field, Giulia Cimarosti enjoys writing professional hotel reviews, that come with high quality photos. is a website for travel and photography lovers.
Giulia Cimarosti is an Italian young woman who’s traveling the world on her own, without any rush, stopping here and there, discovering the places and cultures, and then continuing her exploration of the planet!

The website was originally opened on June 2010 while Giulia was in Italy, her home country. Since then, she moved to Egypt for 9 months (Revolution included!), traveled to Singapore, went back to Italy and worked in the south of the Country, then ended up in the Italian/Swiss Alps at 2200 meters of altitude.

On 2012 alone, she’s been to 8 countries: Italy, the Netherlands, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel and Palestine, Jordan, Egypt.

Kind of an active life, huh?
At present, she’s planning to relocate to India and spend the next months working, volunteering and traveling across Asia. Nobody knows what she’ll end up doing yet… neither does she!

Some quotes from Giulia are: “traveling is my oxygen“, “I change my plans on a daily basis“, “from a broken vertebra to the world conquest!” – Yes, because when she started writing her blog she was in a hospital bed, with a spinal fracture, and that’s when she decided that once recovered she would travel forever without stopping again! Sometimes things happen for a reason, and she is here to show you how.

The general aim of the website is to show that affording long term travel is possible and not only super heroes can face the world. She’s a normal person without any special power or source of money – the only things she can spend money on are her camera and her laptop – but she’s managing to see the Countries she’s ever dreamed of, and getting in contact with other cultures.

If you are looking for honest, professional reviews along with high quality photography, then… “she’s your man”!


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