What is this site all about?
With so many travel bloggers located all over the world and the internet for that matter it can be hard to find the one your looking for. As a result I’ve developed this opt-in directory as a means to making finding a blogger easier for all.

What’s in it for you?
The short answer is nothing. The long answer is I’m trying to help the travel blogging community push forward with more ways for us to be found and used. Be it by Tourism Boards, PR Representatives, Corporations or any other form of business that are looking to boost their exposure online in the travel space.

Do you want logins to all our stats information?
No. The directory is 100% opt-in and you only need to provide the information you are comfortable with. I don’t want you to let me gain access to your Google Analytics and you don’t need to enter anything in some fields if you don’t wish too. My only recommendation is that the more you provide the easier it will be for someone to evaluate you for a campaign.

How do I sign up?
You are required to register in order to submit your profile. Registration can be performed here. Once you have entered your details an email will be dispatched directing you to the submit a blogger page where you can login and upload your data.

Once submitted the entry will require final approval from the site before it goes live, this is a tool to help prevent spam. If you find the data was submitted in-complete or you just wish to update content you can login to the site and navigate to the “Listings” menu to continue editing your profile or updating it once its gone live.

How do I get the map to work?
You will need to login to the site as mentioned above and navigate to your listing in the directory. If you are familiar with WordPress then the admin side of editing a post should be a familiar to you. On your profile there is a mapping section so be sure to check the “enable map on this post” box and lookup your address with the integrated tool. I recommend being slightly specific with the location and avoid using broad locations such as London or Spain for example.

I have a question who do I ask?
All questions can be submitted via the Contact Us link in the menu bar above. If you have a problem adding your data, a suggestion on a feature that might work or just want to say hi then thats the place to go.

Who are you?
I’m a fellow travel blogger much like the rest of you and you can find my profile here for a more in depth read.